25 days, Poverty, Our Future and Crime

25 days, Poverty, Our Future and Crime

25 days and counting and we have broken through to 13% funding.  We have a long way to go so please let your friends and networks know about our crowd fund and that we need their help to bring about change.

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One of my favourite animations on LVT can be found below.

Brought to us by Jacob Schwartz-Lucas, we see an explanation of how to end poverty.  This noble sentiment is one most important factor of why we should have a Land Value Tax.  The video gives us a brief history of why, no matter how much progress is made, poverty continues.  The root cause of poverty is high rent that remains untaxed. 

It is important to understand that poverty in the UK is not mainly made up of people out of work, quite the opposite.  Kate Bell of Child Poverty Action Group is the author of a policy paper for CLASS called Abolishing Want in a Social State.

Among other important points, the paper shows that

This from the 23rd richest country in the world in 2012

Alison Garnham Chief Executive from Child Poverty Action Group says:

"There are few bigger challenges facing our society than protecting our children from poverty, and the damage that it does to their childhoods, their life chances and more widely to our society and the strength of our economy."

We have to ask ourselves an important question.  How are we going to be able to provide for our children in the future and what kind of society would we like our children to have children in? 

The most important reason to address poverty is compassion. We want to see an end to poverty because we care about the plight of one another.  There is also another interconnected reason to tackle poverty.

There are many studies linking poverty to crime and other forms of social unrest.  If we can eradicate poverty we can create a fairer and safer society for everyone.  This is one of the strong arguments in Paul Collier’s book The Bottom Billion.  Even if you feel poverty doesn’t affect you personally, the world is a lot less of a safe place due to poverty.   

To find out more about Poverty in the UK click here

Land Value Tax is a great way to address poverty at the root cause. 

Later in this series we will look at the purpose of taxes but for now we will leave you with a taster from the What Drives Us section of www.howtoendpoverty.info:

"Indeed, instead of taxing economic “goods” such as hard work, industriousness, and free exchange, we should be collecting revenue from land and other natural resource speculation, pollution, car congestion, monopolies, patent trolling, high volume financial speculation, and other economic “bads”. This revenue should replace taxation on productive activities like people’s wages, exchange, as well as maintaining and improving structures such as homes and places of business."