24 days, Frequently Asked Questions

We only have 24 days left of our crowd funding to make this project happen.  The blog reviewing online LVT resources was paused today so that we could update the webpage to include a section called Frequently Asked Questions.  


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We encourage you to ask us the questions you may have about LVT or the project to thetaxingquestionofland@gmail.com

To donate to the project please click the link below.  We are aiming for 25% funding reached by the end of the bank holiday and thank you all for participating.


We have a problem and we need your help to bring about change

The problem is that people don’t know enough about land value tax and this stops fundamental change happening that would benefit us all.

Whether your aim is equality, libertarian notions of protecting your individual rights, the housing question, poverty, addressing urban sprawl/climate change and/or boosting the economy, land value tax is the answer and we want to get the message out there.

Too often the tax argument is framed around the Robin Hood or Banking Tax on financial transactions, tax evasion and avoidance, corporation tax, what level of income tax or VAT is OK.

However it is framed to the average person, tax is something that comes out of their paycheque at the end of every month or only affects what they pay for their petrol or pint of beer and that’s understandable.   

This project aims to create an easy to understand, entertaining and engaging documentary which brings Land Value Tax to life.