Welcome to our Production blog! And 3 different approaches to LVT

Hello and welcome to our production blog!

With great thanks to crowdfunder and all who participated in promoting our fundraising drive and to all our pledgers, a great thank you.

We have started the production now and over the coming months we will be blogging about our progress and also The Taxing Question of Land itself.

If at any stage of this you wish to engage with us via email, please find us at thetaxingquestionofland@gmail.com or feel welcome to add comments below.

We have in the last two days been sent a variety of articles and videos that we want to share with you today.  We would be interested to hear which of the three approaches are your favourite.

The Great Tax Clawback Scam - Video

Property Tax Vs. Land Tax - Video

Defeating Useless Rich People – Article.

All three of these have managed to promote the Land Value Tax agenda in three different ways and from different starting points.

Which medium do you enjoy most?

Which of the three reasons means most to you?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, let us tell you what we have been up to since we hit our crowdfunder target.

Over the weekend we met with the International Union of Land Value Taxation who are holding a conference in London towards the end of July http://www.theiu.org/theiu-conference-2013.  They have become our biggest sponsors to date and we are extremely honoured to be working with them and have their backing.  For some information regarding their work, this is taken from their “About us” section:

For almost a century The IU has campaigned for governments to address the root causes of poverty and war.

Implementing surface solutions cannot solve the root problems that challenge the world. Our members campaign in their countries for changes in the laws and public policy that lock poverty and conflict into the market economy.

To achieve this we are co-ordinating a renewed global consensus to understand the true meaning of human rights.

The IU is leading an initiative to change the 1948 United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We will also be taking part in their conference and invite you to join us.

So what happens in a production?  The short answer is that you spend time deciding what to film, go and film it and then put it all together.    Over the last week we have been getting ready for our first day of filming which will start tomorrow.

We have been working closely with script consultants to develop a broad outline of what we will be looking into for the production.  The correct tone and ideas have been important at this stage.  We thank greatly our international editors who we have been engaging with via google docs to refine and reshape the ideas and theories in the documentary.  It has been very valuable.

Yesterday we started working out how much animation we wanted to include and how much video imagery to include, as well as starting to visualise the script and today have been locking down when we will be holding interviews and the logistics surrounding this.

If you have any questions regarding the production please feel welcome to ask us via the comments below.