Launch of The Taxing Question of Land

The Taxing Question of Land is now live! at The Taxing Question of Land and below:




Great thanks to all crowdfunders, promoters, supporters, campainers and educators.  We had our launch event tonight at the Royal Society of Arts, hosted by their Chief Executive Matthew Taylor @RSAMatthew and tweeted on #RSALVT.

On the panel we had Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, Business Secretary of State and President of ALTER, who spoke about the ideals of LVT as a sensible tax shift and also as a driver for the economy while also acknowledging the fear of politicians to promote a responsible fiscal system due to potential unpopularity.  Molly Scott-Cato, Finance Speaker for the Green Party and Professor of Green Economics at Roehampton University, discussed the value of community planning decisions and how LVT could support that model.  Director of the Tax Justice Network John Christensen discussed the facts that most economists agree with LVT and further considered how we may gain the value of other community created wealth such as digital property and myself, the Director / Producer of The Taxing Question of Land, speaking about the inspirations behind the film.

In upcoming months we hope to use this website to build a selection of teaching notes to accompany the film and to develop a strategy for campaigning/engaging with local leaders to educate about Land Value Taxation.

The film and project has been brought to you by The Coalition for Economic Justice, for more information contact them directly or feel free to email the project directly on with queries.

If you are interested in screening the film with a view for Q&A / group dialogue, feel welcome to contact us at either of the above links for support in the form of speakers or educational resources.

We have an opportunity and we welcome your support to bring about change.