Film of the RSA LVT debate and an invite to host your own Q&A

At the RSA hosted successful launch of the film in September, Roehampton University kindly put together this short film with interviews from our expert panel.  For the full blog review click here.

The expert panel from (left to right): Yonatan Higgsmith - Director / Producer of The Taxing Question of Land, John Christensen - Director of The Tax Justice Network, Matthew Taylor (Chair) - Chief Executive of the RSA, Professor Molly Scott Cato - Economics Spokesperson for the Green Party and the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable - Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of ALTER.

Since the film's launch in September 2013, Land Value Tax awareness has significantly grown and Q&A events showing the film have sprung up around the country.

Should you be interested in holding a Q&A event for yourself or one of your organisations, please contact the Coalition For Economic Justice.