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3rd September 2013 Film Launch Event at RSA in London

The Taxing Question of Land invite you to attend our launch event on the 3rd September hosted by the Royal Society of Arts in London.  The event will involve the film's premiere followed by an expert panel discussion and audience Q&A.

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The event information is taken from the RSA website

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Complex tax systems allow for avoidance, evasion and expensive administration costs to both the public and private purse. At the recent G8 summit, the UK placed tax compliance as one of the most important issues facing the world today.

Our fiscal system is in need of serious and sincere reform and revision. The UK borrows a third of its annual budget and the revenue raised for the remaining two thirds is secured from taxes on our economy, all while expecting growth in this area.

At this launch of his new film, producer and director Yoni Smith will show how land value tax, or LVT, offers a best of both worlds approach, generating government revenue without taxing economic growth. In the backdrop of international financial crisis, many feel that LVT is an idea whose time has come.

We bring together an expert panel with Yoni Smith to explore whether a shift to a levy on land value can help to address housing, transport and other infrastructural need as well as wider issues of responsibility and justice.

Chaired by Matthew Taylor, RSA chief executive


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