Frequently Asked Questions

0. What do I do if I have a questions that is not answered here?  

Please feel welcome to ask questions by email to and we will respond to you shortly.  

1. Where will this film be shown?

The film will be released online on vimeo and on youtube - and potentially other video channels should this be relevant.  Times are changing and if there is another free online video channel that supports this type of viewing we would be very glad to have it on there.  

2. How long will it be then?

After an initial consultation we decided that a 20 minute film would be desired.  We aim to attract the audience that already enjoy online video much like the TED/RSA animate audiences.  Their videos are 20 mins long.  To differentiate from the various other LVT film resources online we want to create engaging content for this contemporary audience and at 20 mins we know we will be able to reach the online community.


3. Will people will have to know of the words Land Value Tax to access the film?

People wont have to know those words, though that would certainly help.  Other words will also refer to the film such as tax reform, or land reform, or political, or a whole host of other relevant words and still find it.  We anticipate most people will find this resource through word of mouth - or because an organisation they are involved with will show it and then discuss it.  We welcome the increasingly popular form of education that shows a film and then discusses it with a panel in front of an audience who ask questions.

4.  What is the aim of the film?

The aim of the film is to answer 4 main questions. 

  • What is LVT?
  • What are its benefits?
  • Why is it not already in place?
  • How does the UK get ready for this?